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Avoiding Mistakes in Mobile App Budgets

Avoiding Mistakes in Mobile App Budgets

Mobile Apps are the talk of the town these days with people from all walks of life using these amazing services in their daily activities. Calling a cab, shopping, booking train tickets, education, studies, messaging etc are attracting users for their ease of solutions.

Today we are going to discuss the mistakes that we usually do while making budgets for these mobile apps.

These mobile apps are built on latest technology and require expert knowledge to draw the architecture required for complete app functionality from idea. Here are the most common points that clients must understand while going for newer mobile app development for their business respectively.

Backend Development and Services

Mobile apps are full of numerous services that will require a lot of development work in the backend. Server communication is must for data sharing, authorisations, dynamic processes, notifications, messages and any other updates then in real time working without any delays. Some third party integrations will help you achieve specific functionality with build in functionality that may cost you little but woks more efficiently in longer terms. Push up notifications, Authorizations etc are considered for direct integration as 3rd party services.

Thinking Websites and Mobile apps as same

To those who are traditional business guys consider that websites and mobile apps are similar although they use the similar approach but their costing model is entirely separate. Although the front end and its purpose feels same but backend infrastructure is completely different. Starting with front end, third party services, technical functionality and backend management constitute the architecture which needs to be work in one smooth pattern for mobile apps. Combining all those your app might cost more if there is any complex functionality that requires extra set of skills and expertise.

Cross-platform development

Gone are the times when you have the limited Smartphone’s market; now along with click here iOS there is huge Android market that you should target as well. Also the backend development also will take its toll as both of these major technologies work on different backend completely so you have to add this in your budget. iOS devices which are limited is one recommended option to target first but you can target specific Android users with particular handsets keeping in mind that all screen sets will be designed for different Smartphone’s hence further affecting the budget.

Plan for future updates

Although your mobile app is submitted to respective stores and users are downloading them for particular purpose, always plan for future upgrades with fixes, newer functionality and engaging your current market. There is always opportunity to add further functionality and better user experience that one will analyse from customer’s feedback and user views as well. You can also add bonus features, new levels (in Games) and further entertaining activities that attracts more users download.

App Marketing Budget

So you have submitted your app to stores but how will users know about them? Mobile App Marketing is one strategy that most of the owners miss out as the development might already take its toll on your budget. But with right marketing and guidance you must add promotional budget for videos, paid advertisements, website (in name of the mobile app) and whole digital marketing process that will fetch the ROI (Return on Investment) for your business specifically. At Techseria we are committed to serve our client with ethics and professionalism in making affordable mobile app budget so they can approach it accordingly. Our app developers are highly skilled to tackle the challenges that arise while transforming ideas into functionality. We have the right calibre and potential as team for developing these rich functionality mobile apps in native and hybrid apps for your business.

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