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In Techseria confidentiality of sensitive information is of great importance. We have stern rules, guidelines for all employees to follow for making a secure development environment.

For long term relationship with clients protecting sensitive information is of foremost importance. So whether it is their server, data, IP or cloud we are committed to protecting the project execution comprehensively.

For confidentiality purpose a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed between Client and company for professional commitment & respecting private information.

Techseria NDA clearly states the following: Information to be collected Purpose of the information Using the information as required Security measurements for ensuring checks Level of risk involved (data loss, unauthorized access) With whom it may be shared/disclosed for legal and security issues etc.


  • Once you join Techseria you are required to sign NDA’s, contracts or agreement as per you job specifications.
  • Employees should not use/disclose any private information to anyone outside your own team/company. Employees working in the organisation cannot engage in any business activity during their working in the company.
  • Any confidential information received from third party projects or clients are needed to hold within strictest confidence. NDA’s for specific projects are also signed for confidentiality in case of clients requirements


  • All the important information are provided with specific security as per requirements Firewalls, Antivirus are there to strict other web spamming throughout the workstation.
  • All user are provided passage to sensitive data whenever there is need There are regular virus scan conducted to make sure no malicious activity is there Log files are maintained for all purpose information and upcoming regularities Data is encrypted for storing the significant credentials, passwords in databases Regular backups are maintained for securing the files within server for future fallouts Software’s installed are uniformly updated and security patches are upgraded to match the latest standards in workstation Using public email system is strictly prohibited Media drives like Pen drives, USB stick are not allowed without prior information from a project manager.


  • Each employee has identification cards for entering in the workstation area.
  • Our development center is also protected for all sensitive information. There are security staffs for monitoring the facility for 24×7 and checks goods for going in & out within building.
  • We also perform every individual background check before hiring. This process includes verifying your academic records, Home Address verifications, police record, references check and peer references.
  • Opening Bank accounts for new employee also adds extra identification layer for verification. Building are fitted with fire fighting capabilities, alarms, hydrants, Sprinkler systems for modern security measures.

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