Infrastructure & Server Management

Infrastructure & Server Management

Every Business in this world is now using IT services to manage their workflow, daily proceedings
and automation of records. To keep up the pace with the latest technology and running their
business at the optimum potential they require capable IT infrastructure and Servers to give
leverage for higher growth from their competitors. Techseria has expert professionals with
experience in building robust architecture and handling top-level servers for offering premium
solutions with assured satisfaction.

Infrastructure consists of managing Server, handling Networking, database management and
technical support for a complete IT architectural support. We understand the modern day business
needs along with proficient management and handling of these services in running the business at
optimum potential. All our experts are regularly updated with the latest changes and keep their
learning with newer technologies to satisfy clients with their sophisticated solutions.

Established in 2008 Techseria is one of the leading organization in managing top-level IT architectural infrastructure and latest server solutions. Techseria is continuously working with 50+ top global large scale businesses and corporate sector in giving them technical expertise for their Infrastructure and Server management.


Services offered at Techseria
We understand the need for a strong foundation for Infrastructure and Server to keep businesses
running at their maximum potential. Here are the main services offered at Techseria:

  • Server Administration and Management:

We have the expertise to handle all kinds of Window, Linux and Cloud server management for comprehensive handling online platform with exceptional performance. Integrating sites to clouds, migration, disk space management, handling web services, user management, anti-virus, updates, patches, file management, and troubleshooting all system related issue for 99.9% server upkeep.

  • Network Management

Networking acts as the heart of Information technology and Techseria has specialists to handle with the highest performance. LAN, WAN and SAN management, precise VPN configurations, devices management, wireless support, proactive monitoring and comprehensive support for handling real-time issues.

  • Database Management

All the key information about business operations and day-to-day activities are kept securely in databases. These collections of data require highest security, monitoring, and support to keep the businesses running smoothly 24x7. We have the data center expertise to handle Oracle, SQL & No-SQL databases to fine-tune their performance at an optimum level always. Database Custom Installation and Configurations, importing and exporting, migrations, backup and recovery are executed at the proficient level in offering clients premium solutions for their IT architecture.

  • Technical Support

Bugs, snags, connectivity, and security of the IT is done under expert professionals to guide you on every stage of the integration. Our communication team is available 24x7 to assist on various challenges and tasks to give assurance in running your IT at the proficient level. What Techseria offers for Infrastructure and Server Management?

Being one of the leading IT organization Techseria has premium services for Infrastructure and Server Management.

Here are the reasons that make us stand apart in this industry

Dedicated and Pro-active team for Infrastructure & Server monitoring
Scalable and Versatile team with 20+ Years IT experience
Using Standard Protocols for Building & installing IT architecture
Reduced Cost of operations
Comprehensive reporting, dynamic dashboards and sharing information
Highly Secured and safeguarding data for business privacy
Round the clock Availability
Effective Communication and Quick Troubleshooting