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OTT Apps Development

OTT App Development Services

Techseria is an outstanding OTT platform development service provider. We develop end-to-end OTT video platforms with scalability and security.

Roku TV App

We are developing Roku TV Apps for your business channel with maintenance & support.

Android & Apple TV App

We design, develop and maintain TV apps for Android, Apple and FireTV

Mobile & Tablet App

Our developed OTT apps are pre-supported all major phones & tablets with crash monitoring

VideoJS Player

We developed React JS & VideoJS based video player for OTT content with analytics & ad integration.

Frontend & Backend Services

We provide development, maintenance & support service for the backend and frontend technology stack.

Ads & Monetization

As per requirements, we can integrate open source as well as proprietary ad server with all the OTT platform components.

Why Techseria for OTT Platform Development?

Techseria has the experience to build OTT platforms from scratch to production with open source technologies.

  • 8+ years of experience in OTT Platform & its’s components
  • Build & Managed OTT platform with AWS Cloud
  • Developed various SDK for OTT components
  • Integration with third-party services
  • 24X7 Infrastructure monitoring & support.
  • Response within 24 hours

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