Singapore Ministry of Education

The Singapore Ministry of Education asked Swipetask to develop a mobile app for school inspections for all the schools under their jurisdiction. It was the first step towards digital transformation from paper-based to mobile-first digital assessment.


Swipetask has been working closely with the Singapore Ministry of Education to draft a mobile-based digital quality inspection for schools.

Various Singapore Government approved forms need to be digitalized in mobile applications.

The government officers or other authorized agents can use this mobile application to conduct school quality inspections by taking multiple photos during the inspection as proof.

After each quality inspection, the client and the officer should sign-off digitally and a real-time update should be sent to the Ministry.


Techseria has developed a micro-service-based architecture to deploy solutions at scale. Our technology stack comprises

  • NestJS as backend
  • ReactJS as frontend
  • Flutter as mobile applications
  • GKE for deployment & Google Cloud Storage for static files

We’ve gone ahead and taken all of the required paper forms and digitalized them into mobile applications. We can capture the GPS location at the time of signature and form submission to avoid any issues that might come up later.

The Ministry of Education is getting a real-time update on the inspections.

The cleaning operator can download various reports, create new forms, and make changes to existing forms all from the dashboard. This makes it easier for the operator to keep track of their progress and ensure that they meet their goals.

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