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Swipetask MOE

Time-saving cleaning-services Quality Inspections module specific to Singapore MOE requirements.

Swipetask Quality Inspection allows cleaning-service operators to migrate from ‘paper-based’ quality assessments to a digital solution which allows for faster and more efficient inspections, improved productivity, less errors & real-time visibility. Performance of work-crew and completed tasks against set benchmarks can be assessed and faster reactive/corrective actions taken. Specific Unit and Overall scoring results are instantly presented, and also accessible on the dashboard.

Swipetask is gesture-based, extremely easy-to-use and incorporates digital sign-off by Clients for audit-trail.

The App meets the Singapore MOE requirements for an ‘electronic cleaning audit system’.

The solution integrates a cloud-based Management Dashboard;

Instant view of completed inspection reports, rating results and print/save to PDF and or Zip.

Swipetask is also designed to easily accommodate new templates or Forms.

There are numerous filtering options which allows deeper analytics.

Reports allows insights into problem areas, as well as laggards.

Swipetask MOE
Swipetask Pte Ltd
Android, IOS

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