Swipetask is built on the team's real-life experiences in different industries, not hypotheses. We understand that in the modern workplace, there is a need for real-time information, straightforward and fast communications, quick response/feedback, mobile micro-learning, receiving intelligent notifications, and a motivated crew.


We met with the customer when this project was still just an idea. The customer explained their idea to us; we didn’t have any experience or market knowledge of the cleaning & janitorial industries. However, after a few meetings and hearing about the customer’s long-term vision and requirements, we gained a better understanding.

They wanted to build mobile-first productivity solutions for the field workers, crew & supervisors; along with mobile-first solutions, they wanted to add features like IOT, digital twin, GPS, facial recognition etc. However, during COVID times customers asked us to integrate Thermal cameras, which we deployed in a couple of hotels & resorts in Singapore.

Swipetask is a SAAS-based productivity solution designed to help Cleaning, Janitorial, and Hospitality businesses run more efficiently.


We started the Swipetask project in 2015 with just an idea. Gradually, we developed various modules, like frontend, APIs, and Android & IOS mobile apps, with the SAAS base model.
Today, we have developed a lot more modules along with just mobile apps, like

  • Facial recognization based attendance
  • GPS-based task monitoring & reporting
  • Beacon & NFC based task management
  • RFID-based tracking & monitoring
  • Customer feedback panel
  • Various IOT & Sensors integration

When we started this project, it was just an idea. Now, Swipetask is an approved solution by the Singapore government and offers an IMDA grant of up to 70%.

We are currently working on adding AI features to Swipetask to help organizations with more accurate estimations and budget planning. Not only that, but it will also help users improve their productivity. By using Swipetask with AI, organizations will be able to get a better understanding of their tasks and how to complete them efficiently.

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