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BET A BONUS is a leading online website and mobile betting portal that provides the most up to date and exclusive betting offers, specializing in bookmaker promotions that return the greatest amount of value to our users, leading to bigger betting profits.

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About The Client

The client has worked in many large sizes betting companies in the European region as a CEO; UK Marketing Manager; Equity’s Queries & Documentation Analyst; Business Development & Marketing Manager.The client has a major interest and is focused in the iGaming Industry.

Key Features

  • Adding Offers ,Blog posts, Landing pages,Offer of the Day, Adverts
  • Various listing pages for Offers, Bookmakers, and Casino pages
  • Categories for Offers (enhanced odds and special offers) and Bookmakers
  • Captured clicks made by users for each offers on the website
  • To display the captured data on the homepage slider

Our Solution

  • Industry: leading online and mobile betting portalSolution:
  • Solution: Drupal 7
  • Integrations: Drupal Bookmaker , Subscribe Newsletter , Custom modules
  • Platform: Open Source Website Application

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