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About The Client

The client comes from an internet marketing and consultancy business; and specialises brand development, marketing, website traffic growth, website UI and advertising revenue. The client has worked in many large sizes betting companies in the European region as a CEO; UK Marketing Manager; Equity’s Queries & Documentation Analyst; Business Development & Marketing Manager; The client has a major interest and is focused in the iGaming Industry. Having experienced in sports betting, affiliate marketing, branding, managing budgets and determining targets, business development and social media management, the client decided to launch a portal of his own and utilise the skill sets to convert in revenue. This lead to creating a new online portal called “”. The client created the iOS and the Android applications to reach a larger user base.

The Client’s Requirements

Being a successful manager and with his vast experience in the iGaming industry, it was sure that there will be no loose ends to the portal the client thought of. There were many functionalities in the portal which was developed over the time continuously into several development phases. Some key features required are listed below: Enhanced Odds: A comprehensive selection of exclusive Enhanced Odds and Price Boosts to allow bigger and better wins Special Offers: This lists the latest special betting promotions and ensures that users get maximum value from their bets Bookmakers: A list of premium bookmakers where users can read a full review and get the latest offers for each Bookmaker. Preview: A social blog where users can read through the latest previews of the latest sports Casinos: A page which list a rich list of the best casinos by the top bookmakers and betting providers Mobile applications: The idea of developing iOS and Android applications was to reach to maximum users Automatically disable the offers which have passed the dates; calculate the numerical data to bring up the statistics in the homepage hero section.

Our Solution

Techseria provided the client with Drupal 7 based CMS solution extended to maximise the ease of use for the site users; the client and for the webmaster managing the content throughout the site. We customised the website using: Content types for adding Offers; Blog posts; Landing pages; Offer of the Day; Adverts; and Slides for the homepage Views module to different listing pages for various listing pages for Offers, Bookmakers, and Casino pages Taxonomy module to create categories for Offers (enhanced odds and special offers) and Bookmakers Created several custom modules a) to captured clicks made by users for each offers on the website; b) to display the captured data on the homepage slider; c) to publish featured offers on the homepage slider All these functionalities were powered by Drupal’s most powerful template engine to accomplish the frontend look.

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