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Are you a body conscious person? Would you like to be fit in your bustling calendar? Do you look for an individual Coach? Cadence is the response to every one of your inquiries. It is a fitness site which gives you your own coach to prepare.

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About The Client

The client is a fitness freak person. Who likes to be fit and have an intention to enable individuals to get fit. We as a whole have a busy calendar, nobody focuses on their body despite the fact that they need to. The client brings you the opportunity at your doorsteps

Key Features

  • Allocation of personal trainer for exercise.
  • Your personal coach takes readings of your exercise every day.
  • Membership for Cadence.
  • Plan based subscription with auto renewal.
  • Live application process notifications.
  • Role based authentication and user interface.

Our Solution

  • Industry: Fitness
  • Technology: ReactJS, NodeJS
  • Integrations: Stripe, APIs
  • Platforms: Open Source Website Application 
  • Solutions: ReactJS

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