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Esports Universe

Esports Universe

If you have Xbox or PlayStation then here is the chance for you to join the biggest gaming tournament on Esports Universe. It is a gaming website where you can play different popular games.

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About The Client

Despite the fact that the customer is new around here, he is exceptionally experienced in this field. He got this astonishing thought for filling the holes in gaming enterprises. He needed to assemble a standout amongst the most imaginative gaming stage.

Key Features

  • Xbox and PlayStation linking
  • Automated brackets algorithm to manage team’s registration in the tournaments to play the matches.
  • Dynamic point allocation system with simple and first class membership algorithms.
  • Website rankers page to show the list of ranker teams of the website. 
  • Dispute management system.
  • Dynamic game rules management

Our Solution

  • Solution: Laravel
  • Industry: Gaming
  • Integrations: PayPal
  • Platform:Open Source Website Application

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