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Growing Together

Growing Together

Growing Together is a multilingual community website; a new partnership initiative of community and environmental sector organisations that will unlock income, land and skills for community growing groups to them become financially self-sustaining.

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About The Client

The client is an experienced JAVA developer. He possesses 10+ years industrial experience. Some other websites development skills client has are PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS & JavaScript. The client has held a variety of roles, from junior developer through to Project Manager, a Senior Consultant and freelancer. Within these roles the client has held various responsibilities, from coding bespoke applications, integrating OTS packages, using frameworks and implementing open source solutions (Joomla, Alfresco, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, etc). The client is also experienced in information architecture, small-scale solution design, search engine optimisation, client management, sales, training, requirements analysis, post sales support. With a Ph.D. degree in hands, the client is highly educated and has higher degrees in History and Computing.

Key Features

  • Content translation, internationalization (i18n) etc modules for multilingual setup
  • CiviCRM modules for the integration with CiviCRM. 
  • In the front-end using the Civi API we fetched the CIVI event link to allow the user to redirect to the related CIVI event when clicked on a button in Drupal event.
  • Not used entire CiviCRM module was because the client wanted to show Drupal events and link them to CIVI events in and not the CiviCRM events directly in Drupal.

Our Solution

  • Industry: Multilingual community
  • Integrations: CiviCRM ,multilingual      
  • Platform: Open Source Website Application

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