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Talking slots

Talking slots

The Talking Slots, will bring to you the Reviews of Slots/Casinos, Bonus Features, Free Coins, Free Money Casinos and Real Money Casinos which you can trust. It’s all about Talk Slots, join us to win. Also, discuss the latest topics with us.

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About The Client

The client  Situated in the Europe the client is from the gambling industry and has fantastic knowledge of Slots and Casinos. The client has over ten years of involvement in the gaming business. The Talking Slots is all about playing online Casinos for free or for real money.

Key Features

  • Create listing pages for Casinos, Slots and News
  • Show various widget boxes which can be visible on top; left and bottom parts of the site.
  • Create templates and modify all important pages 
  • The listing pages, the review pages and the detail pages.

Our Solution

  • Industry: Casinos
  • Solution: Drupal 7
  • Integrations: Mysql
  • Platform: Open Source Website Application

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