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Tutto Massimo (TM) is a website used by the restaurant to know how much waiters know of the ingredients in the food and how much waiter knows of a customer relationship, so for this purpose waiter needs to answer the various quizzes and based on quiz result waiter gets the performance certificate.

Zend Zend

About The Client

Maitre D' Tutto Massimo was an expert in recreating the authentic Italian dining experience that the customers expect while dining in the restaurant. He worked in various Italian restaurants to understand the needs of the customers. He has over 20 years of experience in this field.

Key Features

  • Two individual front-end panels
  • Integration of different plans
  • Certification, Quizzes and Results
  • Videos to learn from!

Our Solution

  • Industry: Training
  • Technology: MySQL, WordPress login, Bootstrap
  • Integrations: PayPal, Vimeo, JQuery
  • Platform: Open Source Website Application
  • Solution: Zend

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