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Villa Puglia

Villa Puglia

Villa Puglia is a real estate rental website for luxury villas in Puglia, Italy. It features with some fine villas to showcase on the site to review and also a book for rental. The site provides the guide and history of the Puglia region; and the site also provides informative blog posts.

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About The Client

The client had a WordPress website which not mobile friendly; was with old WordPress version and was limited in terms of functionality. The website was also lacking in terms of design. It was a very plain and simple layout. The client needed to revamp the website with a booking functionality.

Key Features

  • Customized page branding
  • Attracted Font and Layouts
  • Multi services pages 

Our Solution

  • Industry: luxury villas stay
  • Technology: WordPress
  • Integrations: BookingSystem PRO, Testimonials Wordpress plugin.
  • Platforms: Open Source Website Development 

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