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Improvement and upgradation in the front-end technologies has resulted in enhanced user experience over millions of site on Internet. Front end only represents the client side development i.e. the front view of the website that we see, use and experience while surfing through the whole site. HTML, CSS and JavaScript form the core of front-end development for your website or web application.Their use over the recent years has substantially improved and looks to guide us in the future of these immense potential technologies.

These technologies have complete modern web browsers support with installing any plug-ins.

Cross browser and cross platform stability are two major important points that define your front end development. Let’s take for example JavaScript was judged as one of the most popular programming language on the internet in last year. JSON, jquery, Underscore.js, React are some of the related languages that are based out of JavaScript only. Angular 2 with its new version has also improved and provide new approach for improving the scope this futuristic technology.

HTML5 web technology has helped a lot in the mobile application development. Hybrid apps are built using this comprehensive HTML, CSS and JavaScript technology only. So by adjusting for few parameters the similar code is used extensively for cross platform app development. Use of bootstrap and other responsive framework has revolutionized the front-end development for future scenarios. These frameworks are click here scalable and provides cross platform-browser performance which makes them as strong choices for starting web projects on them. Use of SASS & LESS further in Bootstrap framework favours large complex projects with ease of using complex code again and again.

Foundation is another CSS responsive framework with lot of use in modern websites. It also has optional JavaScript extensions like in Bootstrap which are used whenever they are required specifically. One notable thing got introduced from these frameworks was the grid layout of web design. These designs were accepted by the modern users for their symmetry and now most of the future web layouts will be using the similar pattern.

Grunt is basically a JavaScript task runner tool for automatically performing tasks. Using CLI this amazing tool is used some of the tech giants in the industry with a lot of success. At Techseria we use Grunt extensively for handling front end management of projects. Performance of these front web technologies is checked be the time it takes to load on particular browser or device.

Techseria has the right expertise with expert guidance for using the technology that will provide you with better solutions. Every project has their unique standpoint which defines its scope and time that it will take to deliver. Our project managers take in precedence the time developers take for delivering the masterpiece for your dream project.

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