Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

These technologies use inbuilt sensors, GPS, accelerometer, processor, display and input devices to aid the user in giving them the right experience. Smartphones, tablet, Smart-glasses, headset with Camera, Contact lenses, Heads-Up display (HUD), Virtual Retinal Display, Eye tap, and other handheld devices are often used to give users an enriched experience for AR/VR. Walkthrough in buildings, 360 views of the products, E-learning, Visual arts, use of medical equipment, surgeries, and remote accessibility are main uses of these incredible technologies that businesses use to promote their product & Services in the market.

Virtual Reality takes the path for complete computer-generated scenarios while Augmented Reality
takes the input from real-life view and enhances it for a better presentation of the surrounding area
or product. These apps based on these sophisticated technologies include visual, auditory, haptic
and olfactory senses to give users a thorough experience of reality. Augmented reality gives an
individual a presence inside these computer-generated scenarios while virtual reality completely
closes the

Our dedicated team of AR/VR technologies has been striving hard to lead this innovation through
strategic planning, learning and converting ideas into Business specific models. We have
successfully developed more than 100+ AR/VR apps for multiple businesses needs to enhance their
market presence.

Benefits of AR/VR Applications
As one of the most advanced technologies, AR/VR has a lot of benefits associated with its

  • Higher User engagement with a unique experience
  • A reduced language barrier between multiple cultural individuals
  • Better Emotional attachment with a user and Virtual reality applications
  • Aids in taking right decisions for buying products online
  • Enhanced Brand awareness among users

Industries Techseria Caters for AR/VR Application Development
With more than 100+ Application Development in different industries, Techseria has a rich and
diverse experience in building these AR/VR apps from ideas, prototyping, coding, testing,
deploying and maintaining them. Here are a few of the main industries we have provided solutions
for AR/VR technologies.

  • Gaming: Enjoy multi-player virtual reality video games in AR/VR applications
  • Navigation: GPS Augmented Reality with real-time location, directions, of a complete area with terrain, weather predictions, road map, and traffic alerts.
  • Medical: Equipment virtual learning, Simulative Surgeries, Treatment, procedures
  • Manufacturing & Maintenance: Computer-aided design & manufacturing, Product Simulation
  • Engineering Design: Virtual Design of the products, aid in building each section, faults checking and complete measurements
  • Workplace: Virtually connect with other people from around the world with these virtual video applications.
  • Travel & Tourism: Walkthrough virtual reality tourism, Virtual Field Trips of Historical Places, Location based AR apps, Virtual Hospitality
  • Retail: Virtual Clothe try/dressing rooms, Product Visualisations, Virtually Assisted Shopping, talking kiosks, 360-degree views of the product
  • Advertising & Promotion: Get Comprehensive deals and promotion for respective products for attracting more leads for businesses
  • Education & Training: Interactive Learning, Guest Lectures with practical examples learning, Complete Tutorials, Flashcards, markers, text, graphics, videos and audios in a real-time environment.
  • Real Estate: Project Demos, Interior Design Reality, Construction architectural

What TechSeria brings for Your AR/VR Application Development?

With our dedicated team of AR/VR developers, full cycle from frontend to backend solutions are
offered with comprehensive solutions to drive the future growth of technology. Here are core
features of Techseria that makes stand apart from the top competition.

Cross-Platform AR Development environment
Agile Development methodologies
Highest Quality Standards, W3C validation & SEO semantic coding
Digital Transformation with impeccable AR solutions
latest and updated solutions for device-specific requirements
5+ Years of experience working with AR Application Development
Ease of Communication with Skype, Chat & Phone