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Top 5 Benefits of Angularjs 2.0

Top 5 Benefits of Angularjs 2.0

Their use for mobile apps and desktop apps development is highly appreciated in the whole I.T. industry. Here we are going to discuss the main benefits that come along with AngularJS 2.0

Since its emergence last year AngularJS 2 it has shown vast domination in the open source JavaScript Frameworks. From individual use to as well and complex large business client side requirements AngularJS 2 has something for everyone with right solutions. This complete new version with rewritten framework got positive reviews for providing high functioning solutions.

TypeScript based

AngularJS was developed on the built of TypeScript with comprehensive support of ECMAScript 6 Standardization which in-turn provide solutions on complex front end application in large projects. TypeScript is strict superset of JavaScript, open source language developed and maintained by Microsoft only. Huge surge in productivity is due to the cleaner syntax and optional typing of ES6 only. One of the distinct advantages over its former version AngularJS 2 has its support for module landing which is complemented with using system.js specifically.

Cross Platform?

This new version AngularJS 2.0 offers more comprehensive support for cross platform solutions. Creating app like experiences with ultra modern front end capabilities with high performance, zero-step installation and offline support are main advantages of AngularJS (2.0). Mobile application support is gone top-notch ahead with strategies that combine quite well with Ionic Framework, React native and Native Script. Also this version gives the developers wide-ranging support for desktop apps on Windows, Linux and Mac using similar AngularJS methods plus the ability to integrate native OS click here APIs.

Components based

The whole architect on which AngularJS 2.0 is built is component based allowing to easy reuse of the separate components along with modularity. Templates, Metadata, Injector, directives, injector, Services along with Event and property binding forms the building blocks of AngularJS which are part of the hierarchy established within developed applications.

Better speed and Performance

AngularJS 2.0 results have been astonishing with higher speed and impeccable performance in terms of browser rendering, testing, animation and accessibility across all the components. Command line Interface (CLI) in AngularJS is exactly the right tool for building faster code generation, adding components, testing them and deploying them directly from there only. Unit testing allows for regular sorting and checking of the code in the development mode.

Router Strengthening

This newly component router allows AngularJS apps to load quickly for delivering automatic code-splitting which developers can focus gets to view that want. With new router to link with different routes and components is easy with strings and directive too for dynamic values. You can also access query and router parameters along with URL fragments. One can also take snapshots of the activated route for providing the data information. Nested states and sibling views are the best features of this routing mechanism.

We at Techseria have handled this new technology with utmost respect and used them to deliver corporate business solutions for our specific project. Cross platform mobile application developed with AngularJS 2 are high in performance delivering the right mix of native support and front end solutions.

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