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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Techseria is fully committed to preserving and safeguard the privacy of our visitors by using policies as per the sensitivity of the information.

It describes in detail how we use and processes the personal information. By visiting and using Techseria you are accepting our practices described in accordance with privacy policy.

The privacy policy explains the whole details on what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect from you while you are visiting our site. We try to constantly update privacy policy with latest changes as per time to time.


While running and maintaining our website we collect and process the given data about you:

  • Site usage statistics like pages viewed, time spent, location data and other communicable data.
  • Any personal information that you share us voluntarily when you register Information that is being fetched as you communicate with us

Note: Techseria do not store any financial/payment method details, Net Banking credentials or Credit Card information regarding processing of payment.


  • While operating our website it is necessary to transfer data that we collect to locations anywhere the servers are located for processing and storing.
  • As you provide your personal data to us, you fully agree to our policies regarding safe use of data with complete security.
  • However sending this sensitive information over the internet is not totally safe and on-occasion information can be hacked or intercepted for unlawful activities. Sending critical information via electronically medium is at your own risk.


  • The information collected by Techseria from you is used further for providing services related to the below mentioned conditions:
  • To fetch the information query regarding as per your request with our product and services Providing additional products information related to the product or services rendered by you.
  • This information is only provided if you consent to receive it manually. To inform you further about any changes within our websites, goods, services or product thereof.

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