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staff augmentation

Bridge your skill gap and supercharge your projects with our on-demand tech talent pool. Techseria's staff augmentation seamlessly integrates vetted developers and specialists, empowering you to focus on your vision while achieving maximum results.

GenAI Development

Harness the power of next-generation AI. Techseria crafts intelligent solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. We help you leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate tasks and personalize experiences.

OTT Apps Development

Turn your vision into a captivating streaming experience. Techseria builds cutting-edge OTT apps that empower you to deliver premium content directly to your audience anytime, anywhere. With a feature-rich OTT app tailored to your needs.


Client-Centric Obsession

Your vision is our roadmap. We go beyond traditional client relationships, fostering a true partnership built on open communication and a relentless pursuit of exceeding your expectations.

Future-Proofed Solutions

We don't just solve today's problems; we anticipate tomorrow's needs. Our innovative solutions are built to scale and adapt as your business evolves, ensuring long-term success.

Unwavering Commitment & Expertise

Our team is passionate about technology and brings the highest level of expertise and dedication to every project. We are committed to delivering exceptional results, every single time.

Collaboration is Key

We believe the best ideas come from open communication and teamwork. Our collaborative approach ensures your vision and our expertise collide to spark innovation that drives success.

Transparency & Trust

Building trust is paramount. We foster open communication and transparent collaboration, keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire development process.

Measurable Success

We don't just talk about success; we track it. Our proven track record of success, with a 95% success rate in meeting deadlines and a 4.6-star client satisfaction rating, speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Trusted by Leading Brands: Powering Their Success
We're proud to partner with some of the world's most innovative brands. We don't just build software, we build success stories.
Guaranteed Delivery Process
Frustrated with software development that hinges on hope and ends in delays and budget chaos? Ditch the wishful thinking and choose guaranteed on-time & on-budget delivery with Techseria. We meticulously define project scope upfront (accuracy rate of 90%), lock in both development time and total cost with fixed-price contracts, and leverage agile development with clear milestones for continuous course correction. This transparency, combined with our proven track record of over [insert percentage] of projects delivered successfully, allows you to finally ditch the hope and embrace certainty.
Discovery & Planning

Our Discovery & Planning phase is where the magic happens. We collaborate with you to uncover your vision, define clear project goals, and craft a detailed roadmap for success. This ensures everyone’s on the same page, minimizing surprises and setting your project up for a smooth and successful development journey.

Transparent Communication & Collaboration

Open communication is our mantra. In our Transparent Communication & Collaboration phase, we prioritize clear and consistent updates through regular meetings, project management tools, and easy access to your dedicated development team. This ensures you’re always informed, involved, and confident every step of the way.

Agile Development & Iterative Delivery

Embrace flexibility and rapid progress with our Agile Development & Iterative Delivery approach. We break down your project into manageable sprints, allowing for continuous feedback and adjustments. This ensures we stay aligned with your evolving needs and deliver high-quality features early and often, keeping your project on track and minimizing risk.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our rigorous Quality Assurance & Testing phase guarantees a polished and bug-free final product. We employ a comprehensive testing strategy to identify and eliminate issues early, ensuring exceptional performance, usability, and a seamless user experience.

Launch & Warranty Support

Don’t stop at launch! Our Launch & Warranty Support ensures a smooth transition and ongoing peace of mind. We’ll guide you through the launch, provide comprehensive post-launch support, and offer warranty coverage for unexpected issues. This ensures your project’s success well beyond the initial deployment.

Maintenance & Evolution

Your software’s journey doesn’t end at launch. Our Maintenance & Evolution phase provides ongoing support and updates to keep your project thriving. We’ll address any issues, implement new features, and ensure your software continues to evolve and adapt to your changing needs.

How We Helped Businesses Thrive
We're passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals. Don't just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences working with us.
Phoenix Gonzalez

Techseria has been an integral partner in developing our video monetization and management SaaS product for over seven years. Their team’s expertise and dedication have been instrumental in building a robust and successful solution. If you’re seeking a reliable and innovative development partner, look no further than Techseria.

Adrian Simpson
Health & Safety Group
Managing Director

We can’t recommend Techseria enough! Their A+++++ development team excels at clear communication, making them an ideal partner for maintaining and expanding our complex online booking system.

Mark Hawkins
Bluegrass Digital

For years, Techseria has been a trusted development partner, consistently delivering software solutions and content management systems for our clients’ projects. Their team seamlessly integrates with ours, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable experience. We highly recommend Techseria to anyone seeking a reliable development partner to bring their projects to life.

Stefan Michalak

Techseria consistently delivers high-quality work on time. Their diligent team fosters clear communication and exceptional project management, resulting in software solutions with minimal bugs identified during testing.

Mark Hindmarsh
Mark Hindmarsh
Earwig Academic

Techseria’s meticulous team exceeded client expectations, delivering a solution that perfectly aligns with their needs. This successful partnership continues with ongoing maintenance and the development of other apps, highlighting Techseria’s responsiveness, collaborative project management, and keen attention to detail.

Eddie Vassallo
Mission Control

Over the past 6 years, Techseria has become a valued extension of our development team. Their exceptional design and development expertise across Android and iOS core solutions has been instrumental in augmenting our internal capabilities. We look forward to a continued partnership and tackling exciting new projects together.

Nikki Vine

Over the years, Techseria has established itself as a trusted development partner, consistently exceeding expectations with their professionalism, prompt availability, and commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions. We’re continually impressed by their dedication to our projects.

Marko Znidarsic

Techseria’s expertise in Tibco Spotfire Development and Mulesoft Integration has proven invaluable to our collaborative projects. Their unwavering support, deep knowledge, and dedication ensure seamless integration and successful outcomes. We’re fortunate to have such a reliable partner by our side.

Amelia Brooke
ABCV Solutions​

Tight deadlines require unwavering trust. Techseria consistently delivers exceptional results the first time around, alleviating the pressure and exceeding expectations. Their reliable expertise makes them an invaluable partner, and I look forward to collaborating on future projects.

Jeremy Russ

Techseria has been our trusted partner for the past four years, managing and evolving our leaflet delivery system. Their development expertise consistently impresses, delivering timely solutions and exceeding expectations with their responsive communication. We’re thrilled with the ongoing success of the platform.

Ibrahim Othman

Techseria’s exceptional CMS development exceeded all expectations. They flawlessly grasped the project brief and provided continuous, friendly support throughout the process. Even after launch, their dedication continues through responsive post-project modifications. No request, big or small, was ever a problem – they tackled every tweak quickly and cheerfully. Their commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled, and I have no doubt I’ll be back for future projects. I highly recommend Techseria to anyone seeking a top-notch CMS development partner.

Phil Westerby Jones

Our first project with Techseria felt like a seamless extension of our own development team. Their efficient and professional approach delivered exactly what we agreed upon, and they did it quickly. It was a highly satisfying experience, and Techseria has now earned a permanent place on our development roster.

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts​

Thanks to Techseria, transforming my fitness app vision into reality was a smooth and rewarding experience. Their team’s professionalism shone through in their prompt communication and meticulous attention to detail. Their vast knowledge of the fitness app market proved invaluable, ensuring the final product met my expectations and incorporated valuable insights for user engagement. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Techseria to anyone seeking a reliable and talented partner for their app development needs.

David Willford
Senior Software Engineer

Techseria went above and beyond during a critical moment for our business. When a server issue brought our Drupal application down, their team’s in-depth knowledge and swift action got us back online quickly. Their clear communication kept us informed throughout the process, and their patience with our existing system’s complexities was invaluable. Techseria’s expertise and professionalism have truly spoiled us – their ongoing support and product recommendations ensure our application continues to run smoothly.

Tim Verbeek

Techseria consistently delivers exceptional service as a trusted development partner. Their team’s dedication and expertise are evident in their high-quality work and around-the-clock availability. Their commitment to client satisfaction shines through in every project, making them a highly recommended choice.

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Global Expertise, Seamless Collaboration: The Techseria Advantage

At Techseria, we bridge the gap between world-class Indian engineering talent and proven British organizational methodologies. This unique blend ensures exceptional project management and clear communication, leading to a seamless collaborative experience and a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Driven by an endless passion for technology, Techseria is making progress in shaping the app economy. The awards that we have received are a testament to this.
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