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Advantages of AWS Cloud Computing

Advantages of AWS Cloud Computing

In the last decade Amazon Web Services has completely revolutionized the cloud industry with its scalable infrastructure and flexible solutions. AWS has been the building block for cloud solution as one of the premier Global leader in this industry. Major data centres are located in US, Europe, Japan, Brazil and Singapore which allows system to have complete backups of your precious information. The whole system infrastructure is so massive that it can handle all requests and take care of all business needs in one go.

Here we are going to discuss some of major advantages of this sophisticated cloud computing system i.e. AWS (Amazon Web Services).

High Performance

AWS has enormous infrastructure with lot of scalable options to improve your business overall performance. There are very hardly any chances for outage of cloud services from Amazon with data centres across the globe for better connectivity. Special AWS tools are there like Auto Scaling and Elastic load balance application installed at AWS have the options to scale up and down according to market needs of the product.


AWS has all the modern security certification required for cloud computing i.e. SAS 70 Type II, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS Level 1 along with ISO 27001 with regular monitoring and checks to makes sure there are no leaks of any kind. All physical, operational and software measures are secured using end-to-end security standards. Regular edits are done priority basis for bugs, fixes and complete secure infrastructure. Data is completely secure for integrity as well as confidentiality.

Best PaaS Solutions:

Platform as a Solution (PaaS) based application are the future of the modern IT industry and AWS has the right infrastructure as well complementary services that makes AWS the click here best in the market. All the management in the AWS are strategically planned to give better understanding and easy to use infrastructure. Application management, database, caching, transcoding, storage, backup etc are available right away for end-to-end service solutions via AWS dashboard respectively.

Fundamental APIs:

Most of the fundamental APIs being used in the technology are easily able to integrate directly via their API system. This infrastructure management allows the control more dynamically then going to check manual service issues. SDK (Software Development Kits) are available for mobile application development world as well as universal programming languages like Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++ etc. Command line interface is available tool for making developers do tasks more quickly.

Affordable Costing

Costs are affordable to match your budgets from limited to corporate. It depends on you entirely how you want to use them. Most of the backend services are charged on the hourly basis, once you stop using them billing will stop from there only. There are no long term commitments that require you to charge monthly or yearly charges like hosting company offers. If you website has large traffic build up then you can scale them as you want to take care of all backend requirements.

AWS is all purpose solution for all your IT needs that includes storing data in all forms (Small or Big data), Hosting static & dynamic websites, web applications, mobile apps, monitoring, analytics and more. Techseria has integrated more than 100+ applications on AWS for corporate clients across the globe. Our AWS experts are available for right guidance and solutions that will match your business specific needs and assures complete confidentiality among usage of data in any form.

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