OTT applications & platform development.

Techseria is a distinguished name in the world of OTT App and Platform Development that has achieved a remarkable feat within the OTT domain. They offer cutting-edge tools and technology to video creators and distributors, allowing them to broadcast quality content for their viewers to enjoy.

OTT Platform Development Services

OTT Streaming App Development

Techseria provides comprehensive OTT development services to help customers access their streaming content. Our specialized developers are experienced in creating streaming apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, smart TVs, and other internet of things devices.

OTT Mobile App Development

The rapid growth of the mobile device market necessitates that any OTT media distribution strategy include a feature for mobile devices. Our team at Techseria works collaboratively with our mobile app developers to create powerful streaming applications for iOS and Android platforms.

OTT Platform Development

At Techseria, we specialize in custom OTT solutions that span across all platforms and devices. Our services enable our customers to deliver their content to subscribers without interruption, providing them with access anytime, anywhere. Techseria has the expertise and technology to create a comprehensive suite of OTT applications tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Live Video Streaming Applications

At Techseria, we specialize in developing innovative streaming applications. Our team of experts will craft a tailor-made application to meet your real-time audio and video broadcasting objectives. Our dedication to delivering excellent audio/video quality with no lag time is our number one priority. 

Ads Streamlining

OTT providers can leverage AI to optimize their ad spend and reduce “ad waste” by understanding user behavior and making intelligent purchasing decisions. Thanks to the rise of internet-connected devices, services providers have seen an increase in impulse purchases from users as they enjoy a seamless viewing experience. 

Ads Optimizing

Our team of experts specializes in offering a comprehensive suite of on-demand production services to OTT providers. We can help build and integrate powerful product capabilities, with efficient target distribution, secure viewer registration, and convenient payment plans based on either subscription or one-time payment models. 

Our OTT technology experience makes us the best option for your business.

Techseria helps leading media organizations create and maintain OTT applications and content distribution platforms that make it easier to connect with customers. We specialize in streaming video, so our clients can access new opportunities for content dissemination and monetization. Our partners range from the most renowned movie studios to the smallest magazine publishers – all of whom benefit from our assistance with the design, development, and maintenance of their OTT content platforms.

OTT Technology Support

Organizations can position themselves to gain a competitive advantage in the current technology-driven marketplace by taking full advantage of the newest tools and technologies available. Investing in the most up-to-date resources can help businesses maximize their return on investment.

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