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Trusted Offshore Software Development Company Since 2012

Our Valuable Comprises Our People, Vision & Values

Techseria is recognized as a trusted IT company filled with talented experts that help enterprises, SMB size businesses, or even startups with innovative solutions.

Who We Are

Techseria is providing services since 2012. We have emerged from the digital revolution with our roots in open-source technologies, and we continue to evolve, delivering digital business solutions.

Business must be geared for constant change and innovation, but what has continued is our ethics & passion for delivering excellence. Today, we help our clients drive business growth through innovation and technology built to scale.

Our knowledge, experience and proven track record help us provide a unique offering centred on service excellence.

What We Do

Techseria is a digital agency with offices in the UK and India that provide end-to-end solutions to any business, from startups to large, corporate companies. With decades of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge, the skills, and the ability to transform your dreams into a digital solution.

The belief of Techserian

Client-centric Approach
For any business, customers are always at the centre. As a digital agency, our definition goes beyond our direct customers. We always start from where you are with your ideas, and we think from customers' perspectives, their pain areas and devise a solution that solves core problems to benefit the business.
Effective Collaboration
Communication is the Key. We tend to over-communicate at times. Although it sounds overwhelming, eventually, it works wonders for our client business. When our team collaborates with the clients remotely, it's apparent that we stay in touch with platforms and mediums that allow effectiveness, transparency, and accuracy.
Quality Delivered in Time
With over decades of experience in the software development industry, we have internal frameworks with good infrastructure that enable us to deliver solutions with good quality. We have learned how to prevent failures and replicate success.


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Our Core Values

Deliver Reliable & Quality Software Development Services

Optimum Client Satisfaction

It’s in our DNA. Our clients are the partners behind the success we have tasted over the decades. This is the reason we keep client satisfaction at the centre of our ecosystem. We are not shy of collaboration to sharpen our insights for the perfect execution of our offerings. The praise from the clients is music to our ears, and we’d crave that. It’s a hunger in us that never fades.

Result-oriented Approach

The roots of our success are aligned to our vision and execution of it. Starting from the recruitment to the quality deliverables, we keep our values intact. We hire passionate humans who have that fire burning in them—people who want to work with us and understand the importance of client expectations to deliver quality results.

Integrity in Everything

Integrity is our core and is at the centre of everything we do. For us, it is as good as following the law, maybe more than that. It is about delivering on our commitments, honesty and fairness in business and day-to-day living. We are a family that believes in teamwork with one Mantra, to die with memories, not dreams.

Our Work Culture

There are a few things that make Techseria a family. We love our peeps. Techseria is just not about its promises, global recognitions or testimonials. With utter respect, we embrace the diversity of thought, cultures, and people. Techseria is compassionate for its priceless assets, the employees. Humans work here, not robots!!


Feathers in our cap

Why we’re here?

What do we want to be remembered for?

We have come such a long way, and so much has happened in the past decades. We built things, met so many people, created lifelong friendships, learned so much and grew as a whole. Looking back, it was a bumpy ride. Sometimes the days and months seemed endless and hopeless too. But the beautiful destination is worth the struggle of the journey! And what a trip it turned out to be!

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