Mission Control

Mission Control is a digital agency based out of the UK crafting beautiful mobile and web app experiences for some of the world's biggest brands since 2013. We work on every platform, including a mobile (iOS, Android), desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux), and the web.


Mission Control, formerly known as entropy.works, is a UK-based digital agency.

At Mission Control, we design Web & Mobile solutions for innovative companies who are constantly pushing boundaries.

We deploy innovative solutions for very big retail customers in the UK & USA. Our AI-based solution for Dogs is just one example of the many ways we help our clients succeed.


For the last six years, we have been proud to work with Mission Control as their dedicated development partner. We have enjoyed delivering all the projects for their customers and are always striving to provide the best possible service.

Mission Control has its own Remarkable CMS for the content. We specialize in mobile and desktop-based app development.

We completed a POC for an AI solution that can identify dogs in photos or by their noses in just 10 days. Just like human fingerprints, every dog’s nose is unique, so we trained an AI model to recognize dog noses specifically for this POC.

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