Singapore Ministry of Man Power

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is committed to educating foreign workers (FWs) about their employment rights and responsibilities, as well as social norms in Singapore. MOM does this through regular roadshows, newsletters and posters.


The Ministry of Manpower has been conducting outreach to foreign workers and educating them about their employment rights and responsibilities, as well as social norms in Singapore, through roadshows, newsletters, and posters.

Given that a large number of field workers have smartphones, developing a mobile app strategy will provide us with a more direct channel to engage and disseminate important and up-to-date information to them.

A complementary app that can offer a great user experience and compete with social messaging and media apps such as Whatsapp, FB and Youtube


Techseria has developed a micro-service-based architecture to deploy solutions at scale. Our technology stack comprises

  • NestJS as backend
  • ReactJS as frontend
  • Flutter as mobile applications
  • GKE for deployment

Swipetask MOM is a mobile app that offers users instant value and gratification. With its attractive user interface and fresh, relevant content.

The app provides news, information, and updates in the user’s own language. It integrates training, social aspects, and rewards for active participation.

It provides MOM ‘employment-related feedback’ acquired ‘from the ground-up in English (translated the feedback was submitted in the native languages.

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