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Locker Access

Locker Access

Locker Access provides you to view unlimited 360 videos and photos along with gifs. You just have to scan the code on your Adidas jersey and you will be able to access the application.

Android Android

About The Client

The client is UK's leading Ruby on Rails and mobile development and wanted an application with the leading sports equipment company Adidas.

Key Features

  • 360 videos and images
  • Scan the barcode in jersey
  • Option of subscription for client to watch content beyond expectation
  • Can watch the content free before subscription.

Our Solution

  • Industry: Sports
  • Technology:  Android, IOS
  • Integration: Google VR, Arusama SDK, Amazon SNS
  • Platforms: An tool-3.0.1, supported platform 4.0.1 above, IOS-Xcode
  • Solution: Android and IOS Application

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