Go Bet Search

Go Bet Search

Go Bet Search notifies you of the best odds for your favourite sports, team and players. Miss none of your favourite betting offers. Get the best offers wherever you are.

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About The Client

Coming from media and publishing industry; having experience with print design and digital marketing; an active YouTube, Twitter and Facebook user, the client identified the specific challenges users faced when they want to bet on games or their favourite player. The key challenges users faced was to get offers for whom they perform betting. These challenges made the client create a new application called GoBetSearch, where users would see all type of list of betting options based on the country, state and operators selection. The idea then evolved into showing notifications to users based on their selection. They can even view the notifications list. Apart from notification list the client wanted the application to have features such as the user can have a selection of bet offers, change their information criteria, etc.

The Client’s Requirements

Go Bet Search sources the best betting offers, and bonus campaigns provided by the top online gambling companies. We’re here whenever you want the best entertainment and easy access to the best premium offers. It is the pair of excellent sports betting experts, sourcing the full best betting offers, and bonus campaigns provided by the top online gambling companies out there. Whenever a user wants the best entertainment and access to top premium offers. Go Bet Search with them and get bet alerts wherever! To receive the best-betting offers on your mobile, get the Go Bet Search betting app is available for IOS and Android smartphone and tablets.

Our Solution

The GoBetSearch is a concept to notify users with best odds for your favourite sports, teams and players. The client and Techseria knew that there would be many users who want to bet on different games and players. So it was necessary to create the back-end to add data and to make mobile application show added content. The key part here was to send an alert to the user through push notification based on the criteria selected in the form. We provide the client with a MuleSoft Framework and Mongo DB database based solution. The back-end is built in MuleSoft framework and Mongo DB database. The iPhone application is created with a rich UI/UX and is developed using Cocoa Framework and customised with a storyboard.

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