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Visual Medicine

Visual Medicine

Visual Medicine™ is a unique concept to purify your Creative Mind by a soulful healing language. It is a creative way to move from limiting overly critical thoughts to pure creative energy.

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About The Client

Now living in the London, the client is from Australia. Her work evolved from a painter, and a body-oriented psychotherapist, she is now a lifelong artist having practiced painting for over 35 years. She is passionate about creativity, psychotherapy and spirituality.

Key Features

  • Soul compass with custom made JavaScript. 
  • Products with size and type attributes.
  • Country, size and type based shipping calculations via custom rules.
  • Web service API for mobile apps in the application itself using Drupal services.
  • Customization of a theme to match client's design requirements.

Our Solution

  • Industry: Art
  • Solution: Drupal 7
  • Integrations: Drupal Commerce, Product Attributes, Product Subscriptions, Drupal Services    
  • Platform: Open Source Website Application

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