Visual Medicine

Visual Medicine

Visual Medicine™ is a unique concept to purify your Creative Mind by a soulful healing language. It is a creative way to move from limiting overly critical thoughts to pure creative energy.

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About The Client

Now living in the London, the client is from Australia. Her work evolved from a painter, and a body-oriented psychotherapist, she is now a lifelong artist having practiced painting for over 35 years. She is passionate about creativity, psychotherapy and spirituality. The client offers Visual Medicine retreats, online courses, and Visual Medicine trainings for facilitators who work in schools, holistic health practices, art therapy settings as well coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists. The client have also worked in a variety of specialised therapeutic settings as an addiction and eating disorder counselor; in a radical hospice for people living with HIV and AIDS, and an educational theatre trust that reaches out to women who have experienced the criminal justice system as well as private therapy practice.

The Client’s Requirements

The client believes that Visual Medicine is an instrument and innovative process for healing your psyche. Thus, the client gave us a portion of the necessities such as: A variety of compasses where the users can get the solution for the stress problems for Soul, Money, Relationships and Creativity in a unique visual way. Online courses, Workshops & Retreat course, facilitator training to learn about the art of healing by using painting and artworks. Shop and print the exclusive Visual Medicine artworks to relieve you from the problems Books and E-books about how to use the art to heal the problems related to spirituality and psychotherapy.

Our Solution

Techseria provided the client with a Drupal (version 7) based CMS solution to build an efficient and dynamically strong website. The CMS is strong enough to cater for the APIs for the mobile applications, products (with online shopping the artwork for visual therapy), various Compass (a key and essential feature for the website and applications), blogs, learning materials like book & e-books and online training courses.. Drupal’s most powerful theme engine facilitated and allowed us to create a bespoke theme with page templates and content templates to modify all visually content rich text pages such as the homepage, the listing pages, the review pages and the detail pages.

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