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Singapore Ministry of Education
The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) plays a vital role in ensuring a clean and healthy learning environment for students across the nation. However, managing cleaning, janitorial, and engineering services for numerous educational institutions presented a significant challenge. Traditional methods often lacked transparency, efficiency, and real-time data for informed decision-making. The MOE envisioned a digital solution that could streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance service quality across all institutions.

The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) faced many challenges managing cleaning, janitorial, and engineering services for its numerous educational institutions. Traditional methods resulted in the following:

  • Limited Transparency: Difficulty tracking task completion, resource allocation, and service quality across different schools.
  • Inefficient Operations: Manual task allocation and communication led to wasted time and potential missed areas.
  • Reactive Issue Resolution: Delays in reporting and addressing cleaning issues could negatively impact the learning environment.
  • Data Silos: Lack of centralized data hindered informed decision-making on cleaning policies, resource allocation, and vendor selection.
  • Inconsistent Service Quality: Variability in cleaning practices across institutions raised concerns about maintaining a consistently high standard.

These challenges collectively hindered the MOE’s ability to optimize cleaning services, ensure a healthy learning environment for students, and achieve cost-effectiveness.


The Singapore Ministry of Education’s (MOE) decision to mandate Techseria’s digital solution across all cleaning service RFPs has yielded positive results for the MOE and its vendor network.

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Techseria’s platform streamlines task management, communication, and data collection for cleaning vendors. This translates to a more efficient workforce, optimized scheduling, and reduced time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Standardized Service Quality: The MOE can ensure consistent service quality across all educational institutions. Techseria’s solution enforces adherence to standardized cleaning protocols and facilitates real-time task completion and service delivery monitoring.
  • Improved Transparency and Accountability: Both the MOE and cleaning service vendors benefit from increased transparency. The platform provides clear visibility into task completion, resource allocation, and reported issues, fostering accountability among all parties involved.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Techseria’s solution empowers the MOE and its vendors with valuable data on cleaning activities, resource allocation, and service delivery. This data can be used to optimize cleaning schedules, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions regarding future service contracts.
  • Cost Savings: The MOE and cleaning vendors can experience cost savings through increased efficiency, optimized resource allocation, and data-driven decision-making.
What our clients said about Techseria
The collaboration between the Singapore Ministry of Education and Techseria exemplifies the transformative power of digital solutions in the cleaning industry. By embracing innovation, the MOE has ensured cleaner, healthier learning environments for students while achieving greater efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in managing cleaning services across all educational institutions.

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