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Development Methodology

Development Methodology

Here at Techseria, we are open minded for accepting complex projects.

Our expert’s team look for simple solutions. From years of providing practical solutions, Techseria is now having the reputation in the market for delivering robust websites with scale high performance.

We have expertise in all the latest web technologies like Core PHP, Microsoft.Net, CMS development, web application, mobile applications development and other custom Ecommerce development. Techseria is thoroughly analysing for its scope and feasibility. We have undertaken work from all industry and provided efficient solutions for their online presence as well as profit making.


  • In a real work environment, this is first of the mobile and web application development phase.
  • In this competitive world, you have to set your benchmarks quite high to match client’s requirements. And Techseria uses comprehensive web designing process that allows clients transparent involvement in the approval of the designs and further enhancements.
  • Almost every project starts with detailed study for coming up with rough layouts of the site on the paper taking into consideration the essential design elements.
  • Once the whole structure of the website or application gets done, actual graphical representation in the form of wireframing begins. Now these designs are further amplified into pixel perfect prototypes and visual designs.

Development Phase

  • It Is the core stage of any web or mobile application development where all the codes are written and processed i.e. The Development Phase. Real programming starts in this phase as per schedule time in stages taking considerations of multiple milestones.
  • Programming language and frameworks are selected, coding begins with customizations to achieve project specifications. Techseria uses Continuous Integration (CI) development practice which is sharing the code in shared repository multiple times daily.
  • These coding practices ensure regular testing, live bugs and less code conflict even if the whole team is working on it. Continuous deployment along with PaaS (Platform as Service) is followed for ensuring software’s QA is followed for every phase of the development cycle. These practices make sure that any part of software can be separately used and released at any time.

Testing & QA

  • Once the development team finishes the project, it then goes through the rigorous testing phase for any weakness and bugs as per the specifications of the project.
  • Coding standards are checked, code readability and unit testing are checked. Techseria developers use best practices for writing code as per the recommendation standard for different technology and platform i.e. W3C, PHP code, iOS for Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry and Android general rules.  
  • After QA(Quality Assurance) team takes over the project where it is vigorous tested through debugging tools. All phases of codes are checked separately and as a whole system for fool-proofing the code completely.

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