Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Integrate Mobile Technology within employees and offices for corporate solutions

With the revolution in Smartphone technology, their use in business services increased significantly which gave rise to Enterprise Mobility solutions. This new Enterprise Mobility offers lot of flexibility for employees to work from their homes or anywhere with right credentials. Adjustable working hours, enhanced productivity, data usage, protection and better schedule management are major advantages associated with enterprise mobility solutions. Techseria provides business strategies, business models and mobile technology to come up with solutions to for system integration within their premises and employees.

Techseria with its world class mobility expertise brings the right environment for developing mobile
applications which are high income generating and easily integrates with current business environment
for effective solutions. EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and
Mobile Device Management (MDM) are some of the popular mobile concepts that have grown popularly
with major corporate houses across globe.

With Enterprise mobility, Techseria will develop Mobile middleware with backend support for seamless experience across multiple platforms. Starting from Mobile software consultation, app designs, backend development with stores integration, Techseria will create flow chart as per your company need for a comprehensive mobile app solution. This highly complex mobility software’s are leading mobile technology in terms of corporate security, identity management, device management, human resources and productivity apps based on different business approach.


Effective Multiplatform Business Mobility Integration
Comprehensive Mobile Cloud Services
Personal Information Management
Smooth mobile integration with current business setup
Mobility Application development
Mobile middleware Architecture development
  •  Mobility consulting and Business Strategy buildup
  •  Enhanced mobility security
  •  Internet of Things Integration and services
  •  24x7 Infrastructure and Mobility support