TV Apps (Apple TV, Amazon Fire-stick & Google Chromecast)

TV Apps

As the next generation will have better access to newer technology and use them more effectively, these TV apps are certainly one of the main development for the upcoming future. These smarter TV's are highly customised for user experience by transforming their large-screen access to rich application base. Many network organisation, studios, E-learning, and online activities are now accessible through these smarter TV's. Major platforms like Apple and Google have optimised their OS to increase their audience base for millions of TV viewers.

Showcase your mobile apps to millions of TV viewers with optimising them with a suitable
compatible platform by Techseria leading TV apps development team. We have already placed
more than 100+ apps on different stores to be used worldwide for viewing across the large screen.

E-learning, games, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, information and other application are now seen
integrated with this smarter TV development where users get better interaction and feel connected
with these programmes. Over the top media services, videos on demand and e-Commerce online
shopping are done with these next-generation smarter TV. Many businesses are now launching their
TV apps

Core Features of TV Apps at Techseria
These TV applications give users a completely new experience with video calling, mirroring, chatting, interaction, live streaming, E-Commerce shopping and payment gateway etc. Our approach to developing these highly complex TV apps are:

  • Design: Understanding the requirements, prototype and UI framework of the whole architecture with enhanced user experience.
  • Development: Building a strong foundation for multiple resolutions, platforms, and environment based on the requirements
  • Testing & launch: End-to-end testing frameworks with precise tools and techniques for the bug-free launch of the development phase
  • Maintenance: Comprehensive monitoring, support, real-time training, higher user experience and better Return on Investment (ROI)

Services we offer at Techseria in TV Application
As one of the established company for Smart TV apps, Techseria has the skills and experience to
work with most of the trending technologies. Java, iOS, Roku, Angular JS, and multiple TV
platforms to customize them as per the need of the requirements. These are the top serving TV apps
the platform we cater to:

  • Apple TV App Development: Techseria has the expertise for the Apple TV app store and to transform iOS apps to tvOS. We are equipped with the latest Apple TV Generation 3 with latest SDK support for Metal, UIKit, CloudKit, and Game Center.
  • Amazon FireStick TV App Development: We have transformed 100+ application with Amazon Fling SDK, Drive, publishing and Maps API for offering multi-screen user experience.
  • Google Chromecast Development: With Google SDK transform android and iOS apps to Chromecast smart tv apps with additional customized changes and impeccable finishing.

What Techseria Bring for Smart TV Application Development?

We have gained resourceful experience in building strategy, design, development and converting
these creative ideas into TV application that are streamlined directly to the user on their home
screen. Features of our organization that makes us the best in TV Application Development.

Multi-Screen and platform TV application development
The trusted and dedicated team of developers
Numerous feature-rich functionality with multiple language formats
All latest TV apps upgrades and development
Highest Quality Standards followed with comprehensive testing procedures
Agile Development methodologies
Cost Effective and ROI(Return on Investment) optimized
24x7 Support, Maintenance and technical guidance