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Impact Wrestling
Techseria Takes Impact Wrestling to the Mat: Delivering a Champion-Caliber Streaming Experience

Impact Wrestling is a powerhouse in the professional wrestling world, captivating audiences with electrifying matches, iconic wrestlers, and unforgettable storylines. Boasting a library of over 5,000 wrestling videos, Impact Wrestling offers fans an unparalleled on-demand experience. To stay ahead of the curve and cater to the evolving preferences of viewers, Impact Wrestling sought a robust streaming solution.

Impact Wrestling partnered with Techseria to develop a comprehensive OTT app suite, with the following key objectives:

  • Multi-platform Availability: Reach a wider audience by delivering the Impact Wrestling experience across various devices, including mobile phones and tablets (Android & iOS), Smart TVs (Android TV & Apple TV), and Roku TV.
  • Seamless Live and On-Demand Streaming: Provide viewers with a smooth and reliable platform to stream live matches and access an extensive library of wrestling videos on-demand.
  • Monetization Flexibility: Implement all three major monetization models (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD) to cater to diverse viewer preferences. This allows fans to choose between subscription plans for unlimited access, pay-per-view options for specific events, or an ad-supported free tier.
  • Engaging User Experience: Design user-friendly apps that offer a captivating and intuitive experience for viewers to navigate the vast content library, discover new matches, and stay connected to their favourite wrestlers.

Understanding the diverse preferences of wrestling fans, Techseria implemented a flexible monetization system. This system incorporated all three major models: SVOD (subscriptions), TVOD (pay-per-view), and AVOD (ad-supported). This catered to viewers who prefer unlimited access, specific event purchases, or a free ad-based option. By offering these choices, Impact Wrestling could maximize fan engagement and explore new revenue streams.


Through Techseria’s OTT app development expertise, Impact Wrestling achieved significant results:

  • Increased Viewership: The user-friendly apps expanded Impact Wrestling’s reach, attracting new fans and providing a convenient way for existing fans to enjoy content anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: The multiple monetization options allowed Impact Wrestling to cater to diverse audience preferences and potentially generate new revenue streams.
  • Streamlined Content Management: The OTT platform provided Impact Wrestling with a robust system for managing and delivering their vast video library efficiently.
What our clients said about Techseria
Techseria's expertise in OTT app development was instrumental in bringing Impact Wrestling to a wider audience. Their understanding of the wrestling industry and focus on creating a user-friendly platform has been invaluable. We're proud to offer our fans a seamless streaming experience across various devices, and Techseria's solutions have been key to achieving this goal.
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