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Sports TV
Techseria Delivers a Winning Combination: Live Sports, On-Demand Content, and Streamlined Monetization for Sports TV

Sports TV is a one-stop shop for sports fans, offering a captivating blend of live sports streaming, a vast library of over 4,000 movies and television shows, and a user-friendly platform. To elevate the user experience and explore new monetization avenues, Sports TV sought a development partner with expertise in OTT solutions.

Sports TV partnered with Techseria to achieve the following:

  • Multi-faceted Entertainment Platform: Develop a comprehensive app that seamlessly integrates live sports streaming with a vast on-demand library of movies and TV shows, catering to diverse viewer preferences.
  • Enhanced Live Streaming Experience: Implement a robust and reliable live video player that allows users to enjoy uninterrupted sports action, even when browsing other app sections. This feature, often referred to as Picture-in-Picture (PIP), keeps viewers engaged and in control of their viewing experience.
  • Maximized Monetization: Integrate a comprehensive ad monetization system with SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion) technology for targeted ad delivery and increased revenue potential. Additionally, explore video monetization opportunities with Google and Segment for further revenue diversification.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Design an intuitive and user-friendly app that allows viewers to easily navigate the extensive content library, discover live sports events, and manage their preferences.

Techseria prioritized a multi-faceted approach for Sports TV. First, we developed an app integrating live sports streaming with a vast on-demand library. Next, we implemented a state-of-the-art live video player with PIP functionality, keeping viewers engaged even while multitasking within the app.


Through Techseria’s OTT app development expertise, Sports TV achieved significant results:

  • Increased User Engagement: The combination of live sports, on-demand content, and a seamless user experience kept viewers engaged and coming back for more.
  • Enhanced Monetization: The integrated ad monetization system with SSAI technology and video monetization options led to increased revenue streams for Sports TV.
  • Satisfied Viewers: The user-friendly platform with a PIP feature for live sports ensured a positive viewing experience, potentially leading to higher customer retention.
What our clients said about Techseria
Techseria's understanding of the sports streaming landscape and their expertise in OTT app development were invaluable in creating a winning platform for Sports TV. The combination of live sports, on-demand content, and a robust monetization system has been instrumental in our success. We're proud to offer our viewers a seamless and engaging experience, and Techseria's solutions have been key to achieving this goal.
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